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Green Giveaway: Stainless Steel Children’s Drinking Straws

A few years ago I started feeling guilty about all the non-recyclable straws that my family used once then discarded. I imagined them piled atop each other in the landfill for eternity. That charming visual made me ask Google if anyone makes reuseable stainless steel straws. Ten bucks and two days later these cool silver straws arrived in our mailbox. They even had the serrated bend in the neck like the plastic ones. Our glasses haven’t seen the old landfill fodder since. Now I just need to ratchet up my green commitment by bringing these like a dork when we eat in restaurants.

Since I like these so much I’m giving away a set of four stainless steel drinking straws (Endurance brand). I hope the winner enjoys these as much as we have. I have to warn you though, parents: you will only know where two of these are at any given time and this will frustrate you. But alas, just lift your couch cushions and there you will find the rest.

To enter this giveaway please leave an email address or a link to your website below. Winner will be chosen by random drawing on September 27th, 2011.

This offer ships in the United States only.

Good luck!

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9/11 Global Peace Intention Experiment

Article by Lynne McTaggart

“I’m back from holiday and with fabulous news.  The 9/11 Global Peace Intention Experiment has mushroomed into an extraordinary and enormous event. Every day, more organizations are offering to work together to make the anniversary of 9/11 into a day of unity, evolution and peace.

Tens of thousands of Arabs and Americans are joining together for the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attack on New York’s Twin Towers for a remarkable experiment: to discover whether their collective intention can bring greater peace to an area of conflict.

The experiment is being monitored and measured by a team of scientists from the Universities of California, Arizona and Princeton.

I am partnering with dozens of peace groups, including the remarkable One: The Event (, and three-day live event in Seattle to mark the anniversary, and many other organizations  who enlisting tens of thousands of participants in the US and other Western countries and Arab cities in a symbolic gesture of peace in remembrance of the Twin Towers tragedy.

What’s also exciting news is that the eight-day experiment will be broadcast over the web every day.  So we will be sending out more news about how to see our LIVE broadcasts next week.

For the experiment, I have partnered with Dr. Salah Al-Rashed, a Western-educated peace activist in the Arab World, whose Salam (Peace) Group has an enormous following throughout the Middle East.

This is a joining of hands between East and West so that the tragedy of yesterday creates a joyous occasion for the future.

The 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment will take place in a 20-minute period every day for eight days. As such it will replicate our 2008 Peace Intention Experiment, carried out on Sri Lanka, which showed a 74 per cent reduction of violence after the experiment and a demonstrable effect when studied through statistical time analysis.
Monitoring the effects will be a scientific team comprising University of Arizona psychologist Dr. Gary Schwartz, University of St. Petersburg State University physicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr. Roger Nelson, a psychologist formerly of Princeton University and director of the Global Consciousness Project, and Jessica Utts, a professor of statistics at the University of California at Irvine, widely regarded as an expert on statistical analysis of consciousness research.

The 9/11 Intention Experiment marks the latest of 23 scientifically controlled, web-based experiments carried out by The Intention Expeirment to test the power of thought to change the physical world. Thousands of volunteers from 90 countries around the world have participated in rigorous, laboratory-controlled experiments.

Twenty of these experiments carried out under rigorous laboratory conditions have shown significant positive results. Psychologist Dr. Gary Schwartz and his team at the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona reported the results of six experiments in a scientific paper presented at a recent Society for Scientific Exploration conference.

The 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment is part of a larger collaboration between One: The Event, a three day live event in Seattle, and many other global organizations to promote peace and unity in the wake of the Twin Towers tragedy, which will be LIVE broadcast around the world.”


In the YouTube video below Lynne explains how The Intention Experiments are scientifically controlled. Sign up to join tens of thousands of us from around the world on September 11th as we hold positive intentions for peace at:

Links to data on previous successful collective Intention Experiments:

The Leaf Intention Experiment

The Germination Intention Experiment

The First Korotkov Water Experiment

The Second Korotkov Water Experiment

The Roy Water Experiment

The Water Germination Experiments

The Peace Intention Experiment

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Our New Environmentally Friendly Carpet is Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles


Recently massive water damage destroyed most of our downstairs flooring. Did you know you are supposed to pour bleach into one of the air-condition valves every few years or it will leak like crazy? We didn’t either.

We wanted carpet in the family room but it had to meet two criteria:

1. It Wouldn’t slowly kill us with toxic chemicals

2. Made from 100% recycled materials

Puresque  at Home Depot fit both. It is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute for safety  and sustainability. Not only is Puresque low in Volatile Organic Compounds but it is made from recycled plastic bottles! Now we get to feel good about having prevented thousands of discarded bottles from joining that gigantic island of plastic under the Pacific Ocean. It’s win win.

I’m pleased to say that our new carpet does not have that new carpet smell. And it is as plush as any other rug.


Just ask my cat!

I was torn between two great carpet pad options:

1. Step Ahead with Nike Grind carpet padding is a Nike/Home Depot partnership. Think of sneaker making like cookie cutting. When making cookies those parts outside the cutter get reconstituted into the next cookie. With Nike those scraps become carpet padding instead of landfill fodder.

2. Healthier Choice uses biofuels and renewable resources. They are a zero landfill operation, which means all waste products are turned into something else. Their carpet pads are low VOC and can be recycled.

We chose Healthier Choice because its specs for mold, mildew, and bacteria prevention are excellent. Since the room is situated between a bathroom and the laundry room we need that extra protection. Who knows – had it been a different room we might be walking on Nike.


1. Watch out for Greenwashing.  Just because the sign says it is green does not mean the product is as green as it could be. Always look at the back of the carpet swatch. If the sign says made from recycled materials yet the swatch says up to 5% recycled materials that is Greenwashing.

2. Look for the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus logo on the back of the carpet swatch. This means the carpet, pad, or adhesive is among the safest in the industry.



Shaw Flooring

Green America

How to Shop for an Environmentally Friendly Rug

*Note: This post is written by my own volition and is not sponsored by any of the companies listed here.

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